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Gainsborough can supply a range of versatile cost effective in line printing options ranging from simple date and batch codes to bar coding and assembly diagrams to fit to vertial form fill and seal bagging machines.

Different forms of overprinters come in the form of hot-foil, thermal transfer and inkjet.

A hot foil overprinter has a heated slug, with digits and characters fixed onto it. A ribbon is placed between the slug and the packaging material and in turn the slug is driven upwards to stamp its contents on the film.

A thermal transfer printer uses in-built electronic signals to produce the images or text required via the printhead. Similar to the hot foil solution, a ribbon passes between the print head and the packaging material. When the print is required, the print head will move towards the film and stroke its image / text on the film.

An inkjet printer uses inks from its resevoirs to place the image or text onto the packaging material. Generally there is no direct contact with the packaging material. The print head will be positioned slightly away from the film, and when required the head will 'inject' or squirt micro droplets of ink onto the packaging material. The inks are fast drying, so they don't rub off or smudge.

The hot foil solution will apply the image or text whilst the packaging material is stationary.

The thermal transfer printers can generally be configured to do both intermittent and continous printing.

The inkjet printer will apply the image 'on-the-fly' as the packaging material is moving.

Markem-imaje provides market-leading coding solutions including: small and large character inkjet systems, thermal transfer coders, lasers, print and apply systems for case and pallet labelling plus all the software required for code design and coder networking.

The SmartDate ® 5 is the ideal coding partner to your packaging machine and can be used across a range of packaging applications. SmartDate ® 5 is your first choice in thermal transfer coding, delivering new levels of efficientcy, performance and productivity for worry-free package codeing and is capable of printing variable information such as use by/display until dates, batch codes, barcodes and nutritional information onto a variety of flexible packaging materials.

The intuitive colour touch-screen simplifies operation and reduces the opportuninty for operator error through graphical commands and image preview.

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